What Higher Interest Rates Can Mean for Buyers….


There was an article in yesterdays “Sacramento Bee” addressing interest rates and the fact that they are the highest they have been since 2014.  The are hovering around 4.5 percent.  I remember when I purchased my first condo and the interest rate was 18 percent.  Many of you may not have been in the market at that time and this is foreign to you but it was true.  We need to put in perspective that 4.5 is still a great rate.  I do know that for first time buyers a 1/4 of a percent can make a difference in being able to afford the payment they want.  I encourage you if you are thinking of buying a new home meet with a lender and get pre-approved.  I have some referrals I would love to share with you or if you have someone you work with and trust all the better!

Click here to read the article



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