Folsom School District Capacity Issues

I am attaching an article that was in the Folsom Telegraph this past week regarding the schools in Folsom.  Very interesting as Folsom continues to grow what restrictions take place as far as schools are concerned for students living outside of thback-to-schoole FCUSD boundaries (“Interdistrict” transfers). Take a look because if your looking to purchase in Folsom you may want to seek out certain neighborhoods.  Many of you may not know that a pocket in American River Canyon South (the West end) and the River Rock area which is behind Scotts Seafood is actually listed as in the San Juan School district.  Currently because they reside in Folsom students are able to attend Sutter Middle and Folsom High School but as we continue to grow things could change.  Just something to keep in mind.  Read the article below for more detailed information.

Click here to read the article

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