Things to do when your neighbor lists their home for sale, MSN article

I read this article and thought you might enjoy it too!  It has some valid points to share with you on things to consider when your neighbor lists their home for sale. Hopefully you’ll get a great new neighbor, but, as the article mentions, it’s a great time to see your home from your neighbor’s perspective. Also, from my point of view, spruce up your home a bit and help with property values! Your neighbor’s sale will probably be a comparable for your home value if you’re considering refinancing or selling as well – don’t let your home drag down the neighborhood values!! Have a great weekend!

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Neighbors Listing Their Home for Sale

Do Your Homework on PACE/HERO Loans

You are asking what are PACE or HERO loans?  PACE stands for “Property Assessed Clean Energy” and HERO stands for  “Home Energy Renovation Opportunity”.   These loans finance energy efficiency upgrades but generally come with high interest rates and most importantly the loans are attached to the property, not to the homeowner.  The repayment of this loan is attached to your property taxes.  What does that mean to you?   When going to sell your house the obligation passes on to the next homeowner or you must pay off the entire outstanding balance on the spot.

Read the article below for more information from the MarketWatch website to help you make an informed decision when doing energy efficient upgrades to your home.

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Why Use a Realtor

I am posting this article to help you understand the knowledge and expertise a Realtor brings to your transaction when either buying or selling a property.  This will help you to see the value add when making this decision.  Just click on the link here.  The article is from the Sacramento Association of Realtors website.




First blog post

Welcome to my first blog post.  I will be providing you with up to date information on activities, properties, trends and local news and events in our area related to the real estate market. In addition, I will be featuring interesting properties, insights into market changes and emerging opportunities I think will be of interest to you.  I am hopeful you will find this information helpful in improving your understanding of the latest market developments as well as highlight the ways in which I can help you successfully navigate your next real estate transaction.  Stay tuned!